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Our mission is to celebrate and uplift Black and African culture through dynamic and engaging comic books. We believe in telling stories that empower and inspire, and aim to create a space where diverse perspectives and experiences are front and center.

A World Beyond Our Own

The earth is surrounded by multiple worlds that we do not know. One of them is Muntu. A world created by a great god who gave his name to his creation. It is in this world that live individuals with supernatural abilities, immeasurable powers given by Orishas: the deities of this world. In the world of Muntu, these individuals are considered gods, kings, monsters and leaders. They have all the power and make all the rules. 

They are called Muntu Warriors. And this is their story…

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Get your comic books of Muntu Warriors and enjoy a black owned universe combining good artworks from an anime and videogame style, a great and intriguing story, and an universe of superheroes empowering black culture with fiction. Return of Eshu is the main story of Muntu Warriors. The Origin Stories are individual stories of the 20 heroes of Muntu Warriors. Each character has his episode, and their adventures are at some point connected to the main story.

Muntu Warriors
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Muntu Warriors
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Muntu Warriors: Origin Stories
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Dr Simone Ehivet Gbagbo

President of the MGC, former first lady of Ivory Coast, President of the Parliamentary Group of the Ivorian Popular Front, Vice-President of the FPI.

Harry Roselmack

French Radio and TV Journalist, Television Host, Author, Entrepreneur.

Frederic Bukole

Comedian, Artist, Scenarist.

Hannah Subayi Kamuanga

(Person on the right) Country Officer & Equity Expert at PROPARCO

Diana N.Katalayi Ilunga

(Person in the middle) Author/Illustrator of the children’s book: “Les Supers Ilunga”

Stephane Madkaud & family

4th Generation Distiller of Madkaud rhum, head of Heritiers Madkaud.

Eva Bara

Ethno Life Coach, Personality

“My goal with Muntu Warriors isn’t just to show you Black and African Culture through my eyes. I also want to use my experience and knowlege to help you reach your full potential, and become the best version of yourself.”

Junior Macdonald Beckley

Founder, Creator, Author and Illustrator of Muntu Warriors

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