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Born in 1991, June 22nd in grenoble, and ancient top athlete in Basketball I reconverted in 2D and 3D art in order to purchase my passion for video games and realize my dream of making my own stories.

About the story

There is not one world on earth. She is surrounded of multiple worlds that we’ve not know yet. One of them is Muntu

Created by a great God who gives his name to his creation, Muntu is the world where powerful spirits live under a mask form. Tribes and human livent around these spirits. worshipping some and fearing others. In exchange, the spirit offers them a gift ; the humans who are selected as their champions will fuse with the spirits, and gain their powers. And the Champion will be called Muntu Warrior.

years Muntu was at peace, but Eshu, a dark Spirit betrayed his brothers and try to invade muntu.

His treason led Muntu to centuries of wars, where Eshu and his champion was fighting the others spirits and their champions.

they were guided by the spirit Aganju, and his champion : the hero that wields the power of a thousand suns. Together they beat Eshu and trapped him in a dimension between two worlds.

Muntu was at peace again, until the coming of two audacious men from another world broke the cage of Eshu by entering into the Muntu world. But hope is not fainted, because one of them destined to become the new hero of thousand suns