My friend, Africa is growing. It's growing big, and it's growing fast.

Some lions have been unleashed, and their projects will have a major impact in the world and in African culture.

Let me tell you about four Projects/Entrepreneurs, four lions you need to follow.

1- Investir au pays

"Investir au Pays" is a franchise created by the entrepreneur Philippe Simo. This franchise exists to promote entrepreneurship and investment as tools to have a real and concrete impact on the African continent.

On his Youtube channel we can find secrets and tips from entrepreneurs, so that they can inspire us in our personal endeavors. There is also access to behind the scenes of the success of several entrepreneurs through frank and direct interviews.

It even offers coaching and business training to help people launch their businesses.

I suggest you watch "Investir au Pays" closely, because in a few years they will surely have a big impact on the development of Africa.

2- Akon City

Imagine this: A futuristic, fully ecological city located in Africa. An African Dubai. A Numbani from Overwatch. An Ubunyama from Muntu Warriors, or a Wakanda from Black Panther. Keep that in mind, because that's what Akon City is going to become.

It's a project that was started by the singer Akon.

The 2,000-acre metropolis, which was first touted by the singer back in 2018, will feature a sprawling luxury resort, high-rise condos, recording studios, a stadium, and even its own cryptocurrency, "Akoin."

The oasis is also expected to run on clean energy, no doubt supplied by the singer's Akon Lighting Africa, which backs solar energy projects in rural areas-plus features an artificial intelligence data center.

Work will begin in earnest in early 2021 with a first phase of development scheduled for completion in 2023 and covering 55 hectares. Eventually, i.e. in about ten years, the complex is expected to cover 500 hectares.

3- Black Sands Entertainment

I have to give credit when credit is due. You need to give a close look to Black Sands Entertainment because they tear apart the limits of possibilities right now. They are the N°1 black owned fiction in the United States, their books are among the top 10 best-sellers of comic books on Amazon, and if we talk black fiction they are N°1 on Amazon.

Their projects, like Muntu Warriors, empower african culture through fiction. And they help a lot of projects and creators as well. If they manage to make a good quality movie, anime or with actors, of the project: "Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms", it's gonna be a worldwide blockbuster worth millions of dollars. And soon after Muntu Warriors will follow with the second major blockbuster!

4- Maxime Victor

Maxime Victor is a name to know.

He is a black entrepreneur, coach, businessman, operating in Montreal. He does trainings, coaching and conferences all over the world. He's already had quite a bit of success, but I think his firm has only just scratched the surface. And in a few years, he has the potential to become a giant on the same level as JT Foxx.

Follow him, I REALLY advise it.

Let me tell you this: the future of Africa and black people all around the world looks BRIGHT! And if they manage to succeed, it's gonna be a game changer for everyone.

But there is also a fifth project that will make waves around the world. But I can't remember it... What was it's name again?... Oh! I remember! It's name is MUNTU WARRIORS!!

Hope you enjoyed it. Now if you want to support Muntu Warriors, I invite you to get your comic book on Amazon. Or join the Patreon to get premium and exclusive content before everyone else.

And remember: The future of Africa looks bright.