i really want you to read this message my friend. It is of CRUCIAL importance.

Black is beautiful. And the one who says otherwise is a pitiful liar.

And African fashion got style, beauty, and panache.The only thing is to know what makes african and black people beautiful, and this is what we are going to talk about in this message.

Today I'm going to show you 3 aspects of African style.

1- The Hairstyle

In the African style, the hairstyle is of crucial importance. I almost feel like saying that this aspect is present in almost EVERY BLACK PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! Gentlemen, how do you feel when you come out of the barbershop, when your hair is in a nice shade, with or without some tribal lines, and when you have 90-degree contours on your head? Ladies, how do you feel when, after three long hours of hairstyling, you have nice braids, long or flat, well styled on your head? I'm sure you all think you have a million dollar look!

But we're not going to stop there. Most of black people have frizzy hair, I include myself in it, and that fact makes us susceptible to having hairstyles that will only work on us.

First, there are the afros, where we let our hair take volume. Once the afro is very dense, we can leave it as it is for a very stiff afro like the looks of the 70's, or treat it and put products to make curls, it's super nice to see, or plaiting, or braiding the front and leave the bun in afro behind, or shaving on the sides with a nice gradient, 90 degree contours and leave the afro on the top of the head.

Speaking of shaved hair, the African style is one of the only styles, if not the only one, where a shaved hairstyle considered masculine works for both men and women. Or the bald head. And it's all thanks to our frizzy hairs.

And the importance of the hairstyle can also be seen in African tribes. In the tribes of Rwanda, for example, they have a style called Amasunzu.

The Amasunzu is an elaborate hairstyle traditionally worn by Rwandan men and unmarried women, whose hair is crested, often described as crescent-shaped. The hairstyle indicated social status, and men who did not wear Amasunzu were regarded with suspicion until the 20th century. The hairstyle was also worn by unmarried women after the age of 18-20, indicating that they were of marriageable age.

The hairstyle has an important place in the African style. It has a special way of being treated and styles that work only on us. So if you read and you are black, be proud of your hair my friend, because you have gold on your head!

2- The Black Skin

It is melanin that gives our skin its special color. In most cases, the ingredients and types of products needed to address skin problems remain the same regardless of skin color. However, there are certain differences that stand out in black skin.

There is a term that says: "Black don't crack". This term denotes a real fact: black skin ages slower than the skins of other cultures. Because black skin protects against sun exposure. And the darker you have black skin, the more you are protected, and the less you feel like you are aging.

In addition to the fact that black skin ages less quickly, we often use natural products to take care of it. To name a few: argan oil, shea butter, marula oil, baobab oil, aloe vera, moringa, or Kalahari melon oil.

A well-treated black skin will shine like gold and smell extremely good.

And finally, and I say this by simple logic with my artist's eyes, a light color will look lighter if it is next to a dark color, because the contrast will be stronger. Following this logic, you will notice that people with black skin will have whiter teeth than in other cultures.

The darker the skin color, the whiter the teeth will appear. So don't waste your time trying to whiten your skin, because if you do, you'll overshadow your beautiful teeth and your million dollar smile.

3- The Bazin

I always say this: if you want to see a hint of African royalty, attend a traditional African wedding. Or watch Nollywood. You will be shocked! And if there are people you know at that wedding, you will be surprised to see them looking like a prince or a princess.

And NO, it's not due to the gentlemen's 3-piece suit, with the beautiful shirt and tie, or the bow tie. And neither to the beautiful dresses of ladies, like the ones you see on the image below:

I'm not saying it's not a beautiful style. It looks wonderful and really empower the beauty of someone, regardles of the ethnicity. But MAN we have something good too. Working especially on black people.

This something is one magical  word: bazin.

The African cotton-based bazin is hand-dyed to become a damask fabric characterized by stiffness and brightness. From white cotton, the dyeing technique makes it possible to form various patterns on the starched textile. Bazin is used for sewing garments with embroidery and topstitching.

Bazin is the subject of a flourishing trade in Africa. The fabrics used are rare, unique, and representative of each African culture.

For you beautiful gentlemen, a bazin outfit is often a two-piece uniform with a long ornate shirt that goes down to the knees, with pants decorated with the same fabric as the shirt.

And for you my beautiful ladies, the bazin is often a long two- or three-piece dress with a scarf on the head, folded in a very stylish way.

And bazin works for everyone. Men, women, kids, young people, old people, tall, thin, big, skinny... You name it, bazin got something especially for you. And if you add a nice hairstyle and some jewelry to the bazin, you will have a look absolutely DEADLY!

This message needs to be known by a lot of people. Because by not knowing about their own style, some people are ashamed of themselves, and think it is better to copy the style of someone else's culture. But the secret of beauty is to be proud of who you are, and show the best version of yourself.

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And remember: Black is beautiful.