In the world of Muntu Warriors, there are entities called Orishas, which are spirits in the shape of an African mask.

These Orishas have the ability to merge with humans and give them divine powers. And a person who has merged with an Orisha is called a Muntu Warrior.

But did you know that to create these masks, I was inspired by the pantheon of the African gods? These gods are called Orishas and are mostly from Yoruba legends.

Today I'm going to tell you about 4 of these gods.

1- Shango

Shango is an Orisha, the son of Yemaja and the mother goddess, he is one of the popular worldwide acclaimed legends from West Africa to be precise Nigeria. He is referred to as Chango or Xango in Lantin America and also Jakuta. Like most Yoruba names and their meanings, Shango means to strike (Shan = strike). In Brazil, Shango is worshipped as a thunder and weather god. He is known for his powerful axe. He is considered to be one of the most powerful rulers that Yorubaland has ever produced.

2- Ogun

Ogun is a primordial orisha in Yoruba Land. In some traditions, he is said to have cleared a path for the other orisha to enter Earth, using a metal ax and with the assistance of a dog. To commemorate this, one of his praise names, or oriki, is Osin Imole or the "first of the primordial Orisha to come to Earth". He is the god of war and metals.

In his earthly life Ogun is said to be the first king of Ife. When some of his subjects failed to show respect, Ogun killed them and ultimately himself with his own sword. He disappeared into the earth at a place called Ire-Ekiti, with the promise to help those who call on his name. His followers believe him to have wo ile sun, to have disappeared into the earth's surface instead of dying. Throughout his earthly life, he is thought to have fought for the people of Ire, thus is known also as Onire

3- Yemoja

In traditional Yoruba culture and spirituality, Yemọja is a mother spirit; patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women; She is the patron deity of the Ogun river (Odò Ògùn) but she has other rivers that are dedicated to her throughout Yorùbáland. In addition, she is also worshipped at almost any stream, creek, springs in addition to wells and run-offs.

The river deity Yemoja is often portrayed as a mermaid, even in West Africa, and she can visit all other bodies of water, but her home and the realm she owns are rivers and streams, especially the Ogun River in Nigeria.

4- Olorun

Olorun is the ruler of (or in) the Heavens. The Supreme God or Supreme Being in the Yoruba pantheon, Olorun is also called Olodumare.

Humans do not worship Olorun directly; there are no sacred areas of worship or ordained person. Olorun is outlying, distant, and does not partake in human rituals. There are no shrines or sacrifices dedicated directly to him, although followers can send prayers in his direction.

What do you think of these gods? Of course there are many others. Curious to know what they might look like through superheroes? Then I suggest you take a closer look to Muntu Warriors.

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