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So What is Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform where people can act like patrons and pay artists to create so they can enjoy their works.

Patreon exists because when creators are paid they can create more amazing things. Things that will inspire you, teach you and challenge your beliefs.

Think it like this: If not for patrons we wouldn't have a Mona Lisa or a Sistine Chapel. Mozart, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, they all had patrons to back them up.

And now is your chance to take action, be a patron of BeckleyArt and be part to something that will catapult African and Black culture straight to the moon.

How The Patreon Works

Very simple. By subscribing to this Patreon you are going to be a member of one of these five tiers.

You set a monthly subscription style payment for the membership level you want. And you can cancel it at anytime of course.

My memberships goes from 1,20 to 12 dollars (even cheaper if you're based in the US, because the VAT will be different) And this will provide BeckleyArt with a sustainable income to help me create the best content for you. And it will allow you to connect with me on a whole new level.

Your Benefits

Muntu Warriors

The goal of Muntu Warriors is to use african culture and traditions to break your clichés and show you a new and original vision of the myths and stories of our african heritage, through a project of super heroes inspired by african culture.

Art Customizations

To use my wisdom to help people be their own hero, and become the best version of themselves. That is why these creations are based on real people. Who knows! One day it might be you!

Original Character Creations

With these Original Creations, I'm going to show you some interesting topics, ideas and elements of culture through character creations, with some who are going to be beyond african culture. You are going to have an idea of what's in my head.

Fan Arts

With the Fan Arts we are going to mix things up and I will show you my version of some iconic character we all love.

Arts Tips and Tutorials

Through these Art Tips and tutorials, my goal is to use my knowledge and secrets as a character artist to help other artists and art students to create good characters on every platforms, getting their dream jobs, make a living as an artist and reach their goals.

Every Steps Counts

Remember that baby steps count too. As long as we keep moving forward.  One day, when we are going to add all these steps we will be able to make a huge impact for us and the future generations.

Small steps can lead to big change, and african culture is worth every penny.

And if you want to see this growth as much as I do, know that one action is better than a thousand words.

With that in mind let me ask you this: Are you ready to join me? Take action?  And take a step forward, to a whole new level of african and black culture in fiction?

Yes! I Want to take Action Now!