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Origin Stories

Being the Ace is not only about skills. To Agon, It also takes dedication and hardwork. In this book, witness how he became the ace of wrestling.

For some people, money is the root of all evil. But for someone like Amazone, money means everything. It makes people better, happier, and more powerful than ever. In this chapter, you will see how she is making money by managing her "business"...

Kofi Mateta Mukamba, head of the Mukamba Foundation, is proud to be an activist and entrepreneur in the Congo-Brazzaville and the Congo-Kinshasa. He is always amazed to see how far Africa can grow and he is happy to be there. But a part of him misses the old days, when he was living in a world called Muntu.

Born to hunt, and raised among a tribe of elite predators, Fang learned that the greatest accomplishment he could achieve in his life was to hunt and kill the most powerful creature in the world. In this chapter, you will discover his story, as well as his philosophy of the apex predator...

Main story

Asanda Zuma, a South African science professor from the University of Cape Town who hates fiction and superheroes, will against his will become a superhero to save a world he himself has put in danger. In this volume, you will discover his story, his motivations, as well as the beginning of his adventure.

Compilations and Promotions

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In the volume 1 of the Origin Stories, you will see the chapters of 3 heroes of the Muntu Warriors universe: the bounty hunter Amazone, the Ace of wrestling Agon and the congolese boxer with fists of black steel Coltane.

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