A Muntu Warrior is a person who has the ability to fuse with an Orisha, which is a spirit in the shape of an African mask. The person will then have the possibility use its divine powers. Here is the list of heroes who have been remastered so far.

Orisha: Aganju

Powers: Thousand Suns

Heat possesses the power of the great Sun, also known as the Thousand Sun. He can manipulate fire, warm his body to the temperature of the sun, send solar energy blasts and fly by projeting himself like a rocket.

Orisha: Mamiwata

Powers: Master Of Seas

Hydro horn is the princess of Amanzi. She possesses the power of the seas, opening to her a large palette of skills; she can throw water blasts and create objects with water. Her favorite object to create is a spear and shield, which are the traditional weapons of the Amanzi tribes.

Orisha: Obaluaye

Powers: Puppet master

Ukuwala is a dangerous sorcerer. He can see the auras of living things around him, and manipulate them as puppets. Ukuwala has a doll he keeps constantly with him, who hypnotize those he manipulates: the damages on the plush are transformed into real damages. He also has a creature named Zoku is at his service. And he appears at his master’s demands to annihilate his enemies.

Orisha: Ina

Powers: Weaponization

Amazone can fuse her spirit with any basic weapon and turn it into a weapon of mass destruction. Her favorite weapon is Linda, her giant crossbow, with which she can throw devastasting shots. Being a skilled mercenary, She’s also familiar with numerous poisons, traps and tranquilizers that she uses often with her bionic left eye during her hunts.

Orisha: Songye

Power: Colta-Corrosion

Coltane is a congolese activist and entrepreneur, who fights for a better Africa. He can cover his skin with a crust of coltan ultra resistant. His favorite way to use his power is with boxing, where he covers his fits with coltan to punch his enemies.

Orisha: Impilo

Powers: Healing Waves

Nikki is a medic with a heart stronger than steel. She can boost the metabolism of those she touches and increase their recovery, as long as the people she heals have not died or are not suffering from natural diseases.

Orisha: Eranko

Powers: Tough Claws

Fang can increase the strength of his claws so he can better hunt for his mistress. He also has a supernatural acumen, eyesight and hearing. He was taught that his greatest achievement in life is to hunt and kill the greatest prey in the world. His devotion made him an overskilled predator. He is formidable at close combat, using his predator experience to annihilate his enemies.

Orisha: Ngami

Powers: Cryogenesis

Frozen can manipulate Ice in various forms. With her icy attacks she can also create ice weapons; her favorite is a doubled edge spear she used to fight with when she was a soldier of the amanzi kingdom.

Orisha: Yekini

Powers: Overweighting

Agon is a ambitious wrestler with a superhuman strength. To human eyes, Agon appears invulnerable. With Yekini’s power he can rise the density of his body. It can go up to 500 kilos, making him resistant to the biggest impacts.

Orisha: Sumu

Powers: Poison Stings

Vyrus can resist all poisons and toxins. She’s also specialized in their fabrication, able with her stings to create all sorts of poisons, from simple sicknesses to deadly diseases. She can also hack temporarily her enemies from their abilities, or corrupt their body to disable their free movements.

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