We have always been taught that we have to "be good at school, be nice to our teachers, and have good grades".

But you know what I see when I look at the school system we have? I see an education system that is designed for us to fail.

This is the reality that a child, especially if he is black, has to face at school.

From 3 to 6 years old

At kindergarten the black child enters school, a place where we are supposed to educate equality and fraternity. But when the black child wants to play with other children, they will say to him:" We don't want to play with you, you're the color of poo." Having the innocence of a child how do you think that make him feel? Imagine yourself or your children being subjected to this remark. The child will feel isolated and rejected because he doesn't feel like the others.

2- From 6 to 12 years old

Then, in primary school, having enough of mockery, he starts to rebel. And by doing that he becomes a disruptive element, the teachers categorize him as the black kid from the ghetto, who wants to do nothing with his life, and they recommend him to a specialized school.

3- From 12 to 16 years old

Now the child goes to middle school,( if he made it there ). Old enough to be harassed by the police, and it will happen. He's in an environment full of prejudices. For example the few times he learns about black history, it's always slavery, minority, poverty, colonization, war, racism.

And because of these prejudices, he realizes that he has to put in twice as much effort as the others in everything he does to be successful.

But his teenage crisis is kicking in. And being a bad guy looks cool. Therefore, to seek attention he does bad things, like everyone else. However, him being black, his teachers will think he'll be nothing more than a mindless suburban youth an give up on them.

4- From 16 to 18 years old

Now he goes to high school. Maybe along the way he got ejected, or worse. And since he was 3 years old, the school system taught him that he's a minority, and a failure. And the clichés about him as a black man just got worse.

He got tired of all this BS, but he got more mature. So instead of doing bad things, he tends to skip school and hang out with his friends.

5- From 18 years old to now

Now the child is an adult. Perhaps with no degrees. A perfect example of the stereotypes people made on black communities, fitting on these 3 scenarios:

Best case scénario:

He's the exception who handled everything like a warrior and became a hard worker in everything he does to be the best and silence the others. Or he might be a success as an artist ( in particular comedy and music ). Or a top athlete in a sport, one thing he always dominated.

Average scénario:

He has a regular job or struggle to get one, and try to survive with the little he has. He suffers about discrimination and the racial jokes he gets constantly. And always complaint about how miserable his situation is. But he still has hope and don't give up.

Worst case scenario:

He's now a thug, a terrorist, a drug dealer, or addicted to drugs. And he's in jail or probably dead.

This pattern is more or less the same for a lot of black people. And if you pay attention to the whole story: You realized that not once they had a positive reference they can identify themselves with.

Just imagine how much the life of a black kid could change if he knows that there's a person in this world, real of fictional, who has the same name as him, the same skin as him, the same morphology as him, the same hairs, and yet EVERYBODY LOVES HIM?!?

I can not say it enough: WE NEED MORE BLACK HEROES. More things to look up to. More positive references we can refer ourselves with! Because real or fictional, heroes save lives.

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And remember: Knowledge is power, power is respect. And without it, we won't have the weapons to defend ourselves against stereotypes, discrimination, and our kids will fall into the children trap.