Did you know that in the 14th century, the city of Timbuktu in West Africa was five times larger than the city of London, and was the richest city in the world?

According to, Timbuktu is now 236 times smaller than London. This is nothing of a modern city. Its population is two times less than five centuries ago, poor with beggars and dirty street vendors. The city itself is unable to keep its last ruined monuments and archives.

Back in the 14th century, the 3 richest places on earth were China, Iran / Iraq, and the Mali Empire in West Africa. Of all 3 the only one who was still independent and prosperous was the Mali Empire. China and the entire Middle East were conquered by Gengis Khan Mongolian troops who ravaged and looted the scene.

The richest man in the history of mankind, Mansa Musa, was the emperor of the 14th century Empire of Mali that covered modern Mali, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea.

At the time of his death in 1331, Mansa Musa was worth the equivalent of 400 billion dollars. And the Empire of Mali produced more than half of the world's production of salt and gold.

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