If you don't know this thing, then buckle up my friend: you're about to get SHOCKED!

The French Fairy Tales agency, specialized in cartoons, publishes children's stories on YouTube. Original or revisited creations, like "Hansel and Gretel" or "Beauty and the Beast", which the channel describes as stories to fall asleep. A principle that could have remained educational and especially very practical for parents who want to entertain their little ones during a trip by car or before a nap, for example.

One of their cartoon is called: "Dina and the Prince"

In the script, Dina, a princess with white skin and smooth hair, received a spell that makes her "lose her beauty". We then discover her a few moments later with black skin and curly hair, the narrator's voice specifying that "Dina (...) was no longer as beautiful as before. She was no longer radiant and her face was marked".

In other words, this cartoon tells you that you can't be cute if you're black.

This is a cartoon intended for young children, and they give a nefarious image of blacks in the cartoon with trivialized racism.

Fortunately, this shocking racist scene did not fail to outrage viewers. So much so that the video was removed from Youtube.

But you see my friend: people, especially children, react a lot to what they see on TV. Television is a class, and fiction is the teacher. And if we don't do something about it, they will cripple African and black culture with lies.

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And remember:  Knowledge is power, power is respect. And without it, we won't have the weapons to defend ourselves against stereotypes and trivialized racism.