One of the coolest thing to see when it comes to fiction is creatures. There is nothing better than to see adventures when heroes have to battle against 3 heads monsters, giants, werewolves, or beasts with magical powers.

And creatures have myths in every legends and stories, including the african folklore.

So today, I will tell you about 5 mythical creatures of Africa.

1- The Yumboes

The Yumboes come from Senegal, from the Wolof culture more precisely. Behind this name are in fact small creatures that can be compared to fairies and who live in the woods. White in color and with silver hair, the Yumboes are known to gather and dance in the light of the full moon.

They are big food lovers, who often organize feasts on large tables, served by their invisible servants whose hands and feet are only visible. They usually feed on cereal that they steal from humans.

2- The Eloko

The Eloko, also called Biloko is a monster of African folklore coming from Congo. Basically, the eloko are the spirits of dead people who have not been able to access the rest of their souls. They reincarnate and come out of their graves as a kind of dwarf covered with leaves. Instead of hair, they have grass. As wacky as it may seem, this is a formidable weapon for them and makes them particularly dangerous because they can easily camouflage themselves in the forests, waiting for the unfortunate one who will have the impudence to cross their path. They are equipped with a bell whose sound paralyzes anyone who hears it and their jaws are stretchy enough to allow them to swallow an adult.

And if an Eloko is knocked down, it must be dismembered and burned to prevent it from resurrecting again.

3- The Ninki Nanka

Oh yes my friend. We have dragons too!

The Ninki Nanka is supposed to be a unique individual from West African folklore. Like any self-respecting dragon, the Ninki Nanka is very large and extremely dangerous. On the other hand, it does not spit flame. This large lizard lives in the swamps and it is said in the traditions that it attacks especially children who disobey their parents, pretext probably used to dissuade them from any rebellion as there are in all cultures.

4- The Impundulu

The Impundulu or Lightning Bird is a supernatural bird from Pondo, Zulu, and Xhosa folklore. The South African bird is as big as a human and can summon lightning and storms, hence the name. The bird is sometimes a shape shifter that can appear as a human, and sometimes said to be a supernatural familiar that guards a witch or witch doctor. It will attack people and drink their blood. However, parts of the Impundulu or its eggs have medicinal powers.

5- The Kishi

The kishi is a two-faced demon in Angola. According to legend, a kishi has an attractive human man's face on the front of its body and a hyena's face on the back. Kishi are said to use their human face as well as smooth talk and other charms to attract young women, who they then eat with the hyena face. The hyena face is said to have long sharp teeth and jaws so strong they cannot be pulled off anything it bites.

And there you have it: Five mythical creatures of Africa. But you know where else there are mythical creatures? In Muntu Warriors!!

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