Levy Nation Simba

Nft auction

The Golden NFT are the Official colors of a costume. For each collection, it will be ONE Edition of the NFT, sold in an auction, with a bid starting at $25. 

Levy nation simba


Auction expired

The Golden NFTs are more valuable because they are the Originals of the Originals.

Nft collections

Regular NFTS of alternative colors of a costume, The NFTs are sold in collections, $25 for each first collection. And we start by 100 editions per color variation.

Levy nation simba


NFTs sold 0%

Levy nation simba


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Levy nation simba


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Levy nation simba


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Levy nation simba


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Levy nation simba


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Levy nation simba


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Levy nation simba

Green Stripes/Black

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Levy nation simba

Blue stripes/White

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About the collection

the outfit

About the character

Simba is the leader of an intelligence, intervention and protection agency  known as the SCF.

He has a third eye, which allows him to have a slight vision in the future so that he can use his excellent leadership and fighting skills to counter any attack.

In addition, as a skill from the people of Zoa, he has a special ability where he can unleash his animal instinct and temporarily become a war machine. Although he has aged, Simba remains a formidable warrior, capable of defeating even the greatest opponents.

His clothing

Simba proves what Remonde Levy is proving us every single day; you can go to the gym looking like a beauty, and train like a beast.

The goal of this outfit was to give Simba a suit look but very form fitting, almost like a mix of a gym outfit and a suit.

Besides, the outfit had to represent everything a lion is supposed to embody: Power, Leadership and Alpha attitude.

the blockchain

The NFT collection of Muntu Warriors is connected to the Tezos blockchain.

3 reasons we are using tezos

The NFT collection is on objkt.com. Because Objkt is the biggest NFT marketplace supporting Tezos.

But to get our NFTs, there are  a few things you are going to need that we are going to discuss below.

Tezos wallet

A Tezos Wallet will allow you to buy and sell NFTs on objkt.com. Here are the wallets you can pair with objkt.com: Kukai Wallet, Spire, Temple Wallet, Galleon, Umami, AirGap Wallet, Autonomy and Naan Wallet.

crypto wallet

A Crypto Wallet will allow you to buy some Tezos and transfer it to a Tezos Wallet. You can buy in dollars, euro, or another crypto-currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. 

I would recommend that you use Coinbase or Binance, two well known crypto wallet websites where you can buy and trade some Tezos. 

Our partners

Levy nation

To talk about Levy Nation, we have to talk about the man behind the brand first. From teacher to model, athlete to actor, coach and Entrepreneur, Remonde Levy is a man of many talents.

His work ethic and will to strive for greater heights has been given to him by two wonderful parents; Ernest and Regina Levy. Remonde shared with us a powerful message that his parents used to say to him: “There are a bunch of stars in the milky way. And your name is on one of them. Go and get it.”

Unfortunately in recent years, his father passed away from cancer. But he was also battling with Alzheimer and dementia at that particular moment of time. These tragic events left a mark on Remonde and have given him the inspiration to go after his dreams of greatness through Levy Nation, at the same time to support his family but also to have a strong enough spotlight to make people understand how critical Alzheimer and dementia can be.

Levy Nation is a brand representing the health and wealth that Remonde is trying to portray and implement onto people.  Its goals are to honor the Levy legacy by helping people battling with mental health issues, make them understand that they are not alone, and that by taking advantage of their health, physical and mental, they can be the best version of themselves.

And now he is bringing Levy Nation to the forefront through merchandise, meal preps, modeling, workouts, and television.

The ratings

3 stars

The NFTs of this collection empowers Egyptian culture and royalties, a theme very common and popularized especially among the Black community in the United States. We help them reconnect with their roots through this NFT Collection. 

And Remonde Levy is working his way up to the top in terms of popularity, reaching a huge audience of 12k followers on Instagram in a record time.

The costume is legit on Simba. And Simba being a gym freak, having him wear a sports outfit like this is definitely something to consider. Plus, the outfit fits well with the swag and overconfidence Simba displayed in his youth.

I was sold on using SCF Training outfits when my Simba is working out. But, there is nothing wrong to have every now and then this outif in exchange, if used in the right spot.

Why you should get this nfts

Support Muntu warriors

In Muntu Warriors, we believe in education through entertainment and fiction. And we use these tools to empower Black and African culture from all around the world. To let people discover in a positive way the core values and traditions of our culture and to allow people of black and African community, especially kids, to have heroes they can identify themselves with. And who will help them become the best version of themselves.

Every NFT sold will help the creator to work on the project, improve the products, make more content, hire a team to make faster content and consider other media like TV Shows, video games, figurines, toys, card games, and most of all anime.

Support levy nation

Remonde Levy has always been an athlete and a man of God. A humble servant doing his work, an actor and model, doing what he feels is right to fulfill his dreams and go after all that he believes in. And through Levy Nation, he wants everyone to know that they can go after theirs as well.

By getting the NFTs of this collection, you will give Levy Nation the strength and ressources to come up with new products, new training programs, improved meal plans and workouts, and better weapons for the fight against Alzheimer and dementia.  

Increase in value

Muntu Warriors is growing every single year. And it is now backed by major brands and edited by Black Sands Entertainment, the N°1  most trusted Black Owned Comic Publishers in the United States.

And to be frank with you, Remonde Levy is a diamond in the rough. He’s already doing so much in so little time. And with the right branding and the right networking, this guy can be a major superstar. Already making waves in the modeling business, he also has the charisma of the likes of Shemar Moore and Michael Ealy. As an actor, he will surely attract the attention of filmmakers who don’t have the budget to get major Hollywood stars like Shemar or Michael. That’s how you launch a career. Finally, regarding Levy Nation, we all know that especially during our time, physical health and mental health are two issues on the rise. So brands who help battling them will definitely be world class in the future.

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