So check this out: I was watching the other day a video of Simon Sinek, where he talked about the Millennial Generation which is a group of people who were born in 1984 and after.

If you want to check the video, here is a link down below:

I was born in 1991. So I'm one of the milennals. So I'm feeling concerned a lot about this video. How about you?

In his video, Simon was making a lot of good points, including the fact that we are in need of Instant gratification.

That thought resonated with me a lot. Because he's absolutely right. And it has created a huge change in the things we tend to watch. Especially when we compare literature to fiction.

When you put food in a microwave, it's ready up in 5 minutes or less, and as long as it's eatable we're good.

Well Millenials, including myself, are like microwaves. We want things fast, good, and with no efforts.

You want to buy something, go to Amazon and in two days it's at your door. You want to eat, go to Uber Eats and in 20 minutes the food is at your door. You want a date?? Swipe right on Tinder! You want to watch a TV show? Take your week-end off and binge on Netflix. And with your smartphone, you literally have the world at your finger!

But technology created in us a need for instant gratification and made us impatient. We want things NOW. And that need is going stronger. This is a very good thing for fiction, but a very bad thing for literature.

Literature is the core of knowledge. Reading is paramount. An author puts his life lessons into a book, and you can absorb his knowledge for a few bucks.

But to read books, you have to be patient, take time, study, go to the library or bookstores, and delight yourself in the long book shelves, with your endless imagination...

You like to do that? I know I don't.

95% of the things I learned is on the Internet. With series, movies, animes, mangas, comics, videogames and documentaries. And I only check books if I need extra info, or self development.

And if you're a millennial too, you might feel the same way.

Because we are more connected with things we love than the things we are supposed to learn. And that's why fiction is important; Fiction is a way to transform knowledge we are supposed to learn into something we love to watch.

To put it simply, we use fiction...

Literature is important. But the ways of expressing it are obsolete. That's why fiction exists. Entertainment. Movies, comics, games. Because these tools bring to life a knowledge that the masters spend their whole life to give us.

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And remember: Knowledge is power.