NFT guidelines

1- our blockchain

The NFT collection of Muntu Warriors is connected to the Tezos blockchain.

3 reasons we are using tezos

The NFT collection is on Because Objkt is the biggest NFT marketplace supporting Tezos.

But to get our NFTs, there are  a few things you are going to need that we are going to discuss below.

Tezos wallet

A Tezos Wallet will allow you to buy and sell NFTs on Here are the wallets you can pair with Kukai Wallet, Spire, Temple Wallet, Galleon, Umami, AirGap Wallet, Autonomy and Naan Wallet.

crypto wallet

A Crypto Wallet will allow you to buy some Tezos and transfer it to a Tezos Wallet. You can buy in dollars, euro, or another crypto-currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. 

I would recommend that you use Coinbase or Binance, two well known crypto wallet websites where you can buy and trade some Tezos. 

If you want more detail, I strongly advise you to follow the tutorial below

2- Our Nft system

The NFTs of Muntu Warriors collections will represent the Official Character Designs of all main Muntu Warriors Heroes, as well as Character Designs of their alternative costumes and skins. Some of the designs are in the comic books, some are customizations of real people, others are real outfits taken from partner brands and a lot of them are completely crazy.

Regular Nft

Regular NFTS of alternative colors of a costume, The NFTs are sold in collections, $25 for each first collection. And we start by 100 editions per color variation.

Golden nft

The Golden NFT are the Official colors of a costume. For each collection, it will be ONE Edition of the NFT, sold in an auction, with a bid starting at $25. The Golden NFTs are more valuable because they are the Originals of the Originals.

The early bird get all the worms

In Muntu Warriors, we always praise the ones who take action and are willing to support us. And we greatly appreciate the ones willing to take risks with us. It is in that spirit that Muntu Warriors engages itself to grant special gifts to the FIRST owners of each Golden NFTs. The first owner of a Golden NFT will receive:

3- The ratings

The value of each collection will be determined by two factors: the stars and the levels.

 The stars will give you an estimation of the popularity of the NFT. The levels are entirely connected with the comic books and the story of Muntu Warriors. They will determine the chances that the outfit will appear inside the comic books and story.

stars rating

1 star

The NFTs in the collection will have very little exposure, and there will be little chance of the NFT being popular. 

And the partners of the NFT can be anybody.

2 stars

The NFT will have some kind of exposure, but I wouldn’t bet on it yet. Because the theme is too new to be known by everyone.

The partners are Entrepreneurs, influencers or businessmen, or who have an audience between 1000 and 10000 followers on one of their social networks.

3 stars

Now we’re talking. A lot of people will somehow know about the NFT. And they already support Muntu Warriors and their partner brands. The chances of making sales is high and the Collection can have a real breakthrough.

The partners of the NFT are Entrepreneurs, famous people, influencers, brands or businessmen, or who have an audience between 10k and 100k followers on one of their social networks.

4 stars

Now we’re REALLY talking. The NFTs of the collection have the potential to be nation wide famous thanks to its exposure and the excellent people behind it. There are major chances to make big sales and to start something viral. 

The partners are Entrepreneurs, famous people, influencers, brands or businessmen, or who have an audience between 100k and 1 million followers on one of their social networks.

5 stars

The NFTs have chances to be worldwide famous and wanted by everyone. The people behind it are the giants of this world. And the mega stars everyone is talking about. It will also contain the Original Creations created only by me as the creator of Muntu Warriors and the main costumes of Muntu Warriors Heroes.

Entrepreneurs, famous people, influencers, brands or businessmen, or who have at least 1 million followers.


At level 1, the character’s outfit will not be used in the comics, and has very little chance of being used outside of the NFT collection. Either because of copyright issues, or because of its lack of relevance to the Muntu Warriors Story.

At level 2, the character’s outfit will not be a priority in the comics, and is unlikely to be used outside the NFT collection. But the idea of using it is still under consideration. Either because of copyright issues, or because of its lack of relevance to the Muntu Warriors Story.

At level 3, there is a good chance that the character’s outfit will be used in the comics and other Muntu Warriors projects, and we’re just waiting for the right opportunity to use it.

At level 4, the character’s outfit is officially used or will be used in the comics and other Muntu Warriors projects.

3- Why you should get our nfts

Support Muntu warriors

In Muntu Warriors, we believe in education through entertainment and fiction. And we use these tools to empower Black and African culture from all around the world. To let people discover in a positive way the core values and traditions of our culture and to allow people of black and African community, especially kids, to have heroes they can identify themselves with. And who will help them become the best version of themselves.

Every NFT sold will help the creator to work on the project, improve the products, make more content, hire a team to make faster content and consider other media like TV Shows, video games, figurines, toys, card games, and most of all anime.

Support our partner brands/projects

A part of the income will go to the brands/influencers/businesses that are partners with the collections. So by buying our NFTs, you also support their projects.

Increase in value

Muntu Warriors is growing every single year. And it is now backed by major brands and edited by Black Sands Entertainment, the N°1  most trusted Black Owned Comic Publishers in the United States. And depending on the popularity of the partners and the impact of NFT, our collections will increase in value very quickly. Because the artworks are the first originals made by the creator.

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