I must apologize to you, as well as to everyone else.

For a while, I often said that in fiction, that is to say films, series, etc..., when it comes to black culture we always see things related to poverty, racism, segregation, suburbs or crime.

God, how I have to swallow my words! And I am so happy about it.

Because nothing could be further from the truth. It's wrong because I didn't take into consideration a universe that is huge in the world: the universe of Nollywood.

Nollywood is a nickname that originally referred to the Nigerian film industry. Nollywood is the second best film industry in the world, being only surpassed by Hollywood. And the films and series are varied, and represent many different aspects of Africa that we are not used to seeing in the West.

They have in my opinion the best drama movies in the world, and reflect in many films a very positive image of Africa.

And if you ever want to discover Nollywood, here are six movies that I recommend:

1- Your Excellency

"Your Excellency" is a Nigerian film about Ajadi, a businessman with little knowledge of politics who managed to bounce back from a seemingly doomed presidential campaign, all thanks to social networking.

2- Lionheart

Lionheart is a film about the adventures of Adaeze, a hard-working, upright woman who is going to take over the company of her sick father with the help of her uncle. But she must face a world dominated by men, and she must prove herself as a businesswoman to save the company. This film is a favorite for me because it is really excellent.

3- Namaste Wahala

Namaste Wahala is a film that presents the adventures of a couple between a man and a woman of different ethnic origins, one being Indian and the other Nigerian. Wanting to get married, the couple meets resistance from their parents, facing comic or heartbreaking obstacles. And let me tell you something. After seeing Ini Dima-Okojie in this film, you will only have eyes for the beauty of the African woman!

4- The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel tells the story of Ope, a culinary chef living in London, who will return to Nigeria to use her culinary skills to restore the family hotel to its former glory. What she doesn't know is that the hotel is to be bought by an attractive and extremely wealthy investor.

5- Up North

This film tells the story of a young man, heir to a big business in Nigeria, who is sent to an unknown region to do his military service. He takes the opportunity to emancipate himself and live an adventure that goes beyond his life as an heir.

6- Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons

This film tells the story of four single nigerians very wealthy who are living the life in Abuja, but their luxury and seduction life hide their true ambitions. It's a little bit similar to Ocean's Eleven but with nigerian vibes. Tremendous movie.

One of the things that struck me, especially with these six films, is that beyond the drama, romance and comedy, Nollywood films often put the rich, entrepreneurial, and business side of Nigeria into fiction.

And when you look at Nigeria today, it is the second richest country in Africa. And among the 10 richest people in Africa, 3 of them are Nigerian, with Aliko Dangote being the richest man in Africa today with a net worth of $13.5 billion, more than twice the wealth of Robert Smith and five times the wealth of Oprah Winfrey.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Certainly Nigeria's growth is due to its entrepreneurs and leaders, but I think Nollywood plays an important role in its growth as well. Because by seeing business and entrepreneurs in fiction, people are convinced that they can become enterpreneurs, rich and leaders too.

This is the power of cinema, of fiction.

And my goal with Muntu Warriors is to share the same values, but through comics, anime, videogame, and badass superheroes.

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And remember: Nollywood is awesome.