Pharaonic Brand Heat

Nft auction

The Golden NFT are the Official colors of a costume. For each collection, it will be ONE Edition of the NFT, sold in an auction, with a bid starting at $25. 

pharaonic brand heat


Auction expired

The Golden NFTs are more valuable because they are the Originals of the Originals.

Nft collections

Regular NFTS of alternative colors of a costume, The NFTs are sold in collections, $25 for each first collection. And we start by 100 editions per color variation.

pharaonic brand heat


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pharaonic brand heat


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pharaonic brand heat


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pharaonic brand heat


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pharaonic brand heat


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About the collection

the outfit

About the character

Heat is the main hero of Muntu Warriors.

 He possesses the power of the sun, a sacred power passed down through the generations in over a thousand variations. Hence his nickname: Hero Of The Thousand Suns. He can manipulate fire, heat his body to the temperature of the sun, send out blasts of solar energy and fly by propelling himself like a rocket.

His clothing

Heat shines like a king, wearing the New HRU/ANKH Daishiki set made by Pharaonic Brand Designs. This outfit is a limited edition available in mutiple colors, and with golden patterns representing Egyptian ornaments worn on Pharaohs and Egyptian royalties.

the blockchain

The NFT collection of Muntu Warriors is connected to the Tezos blockchain.

3 reasons we are using tezos

The NFT collection is on Because Objkt is the biggest NFT marketplace supporting Tezos.

But to get our NFTs, there are  a few things you are going to need that we are going to discuss below.

Tezos wallet

A Tezos Wallet will allow you to buy and sell NFTs on Here are the wallets you can pair with Kukai Wallet, Spire, Temple Wallet, Galleon, Umami, AirGap Wallet, Autonomy and Naan Wallet.

crypto wallet

A Crypto Wallet will allow you to buy some Tezos and transfer it to a Tezos Wallet. You can buy in dollars, euro, or another crypto-currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. 

I would recommend that you use Coinbase or Binance, two well known crypto wallet websites where you can buy and trade some Tezos. 

Our partners

Pharaonic brand designs

The Pharaonic Clothing Company features t-shirt graphics that reference great cultures of the past, such as Ancient Egypt and other civilizations.

Pharo, the creator and the brand has a powerful message where he says and I quote: “We’ve given edgy treatments to images of the great pyramids and other icons of Ancient Egypt and combined them with positive messages. Whatever we choose to wear becomes part of who we are. That is why the company motto is to get back to greatness.

The line started out consisting of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, but now has upper tier Men’s and Women’s collections. Nasirah Sahar’s Collection to name the main Women’s Collection. 

The Creation of Pharo’s partner Nasirah in 2018 gave the Brand the boost women were looking for from the Pharaonic Brand. Nasirah’s dedication as the face of her collection has all eyes on the Pharaonic Brand in the last few years.

The ratings

4 stars

The NFTs of this collection empowers Egyptian culture and royalties, a theme very common and popularized especially among the Black community in the United States. We help them reconnect with their roots through this NFT Collection. 

And Pharaonic Brand Designs are a major clothing brand known nationwide in the United States. With their combined audience, they hit roughly 197k followers on Instagram.

 There is a good chance that the character’s outfit will be used in the comics and other Muntu Warriors projects. The costume is awesome and it fits the main character. Somehow turning him into the Egyptian God Ra. I think I’ve found a spot to use the outfit, but it will come very late in the story.  

Why you should get this nfts

Support Muntu warriors

In Muntu Warriors, we believe in education through entertainment and fiction. And we use these tools to empower Black and African culture from all around the world. To let people discover in a positive way the core values and traditions of our culture and to allow people of black and African community, especially kids, to have heroes they can identify themselves with. And who will help them become the best version of themselves.

Every NFT sold will help the creator to work on the project, improve the products, make more content, hire a team to make faster content and consider other media like TV Shows, video games, figurines, toys, card games, and most of all anime.

Support pharaonic brand designs

The Pharaonic Clothing Company’s goal is to remind people, especially those issued from the black diaspora, of the Greatness that they come from, so that they can achieve that Greatness today which will make us better people, thus making the world a better place.

Every NFT sold will help the company to improve the collections, make more products and diffuse to a larger audience their message of heritage, roots, harmony and Greatness.

Increase in value

Muntu Warriors is growing every single year. And it is now backed by major brands and edited by Black Sands Entertainment, the N°1  most trusted Black Owned Comic Publishers in the United States.

The designs of the Pharaonic Brand have been worn by famous comedians, rappers, and  singers. It started more that 20 years ago, with a simple clothing line, to become a juggernaut in black fashion today. It is evolving every single day, and with the power of the Digital Age, their possibilities of growth are endless.

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