You know the The serie Shaka Zulu? It's one of the best EVER!

This serie was made in 1986 and written by Joshua Sinclair, with Henri Cele as the actor who plays Shaka. You can find this serie on Netflix or many other platforms. And il you want good taste of african culture, I highly recommend this serie.

Shaka, the legendary king who created the Zulu Empire, was the illegitimate child of a Zulu prince and a girl of the Elangeni tribe: Nandi.

This epic saga recounts Shaka's path to power, and the power of the Zulu empire he created in the early days of British colonization in southern Africa.

This formidable warrior, often compared to Napoleon, will revolutionize the African continent with his warlike strategies and his invincible army. But it is also a shocking love story between a scorned mother and her son, that a thirst for revenge will not stop ...

This TV Show was also a tremendous source of inspiration for Muntu Warriors.

My heart is pumping just by thinking that with the new technologies we have today, this type of serie might have the potential to be a major blockbuster. Just imagine "Game of Thrones" but with African kingdoms...

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And remember: Shaka Zulu is great for your health.