Our “Sincerly, Africa” collection celebrates cultures by marrying five different traditional African fabrics from Mali, Ghana, Kenya, Guinea and Sierra Leone with New York City’s street style seen in Hype Williams’ 1990s classic movie, “Belly”.

In the movie, Sincere, played by Rapper Nas, says, “(Africa)... That’s our dream - to go to our homeland where our roots are.”

Our logo is the African continent reflected as a butterfly, manifesting our environmental values and symbolizing the beauty in unity.

Each piece purchased from the collection will also plant and grow 10 tress in Freetown, Sierra Leone, part of the Freetown The Treetown campaign.

We aim to create a space to communicate stories that birth a sense of togetherness, reliability, and community.

The more we understand each other, the easier it is to see the common ground that we share to collectively move forward.

Let us share our stories.

Sincerly, Africa

Rico Country Cloth Jacket

Figure out things by yourself/ press not understanding

Cotton that is locally sourced and made on a drop spindle
History book in the fabric
You wont need a Kindle
Started by the Mende tribe
Powers on a Bai Bureh vibe
A valuable asset away or at home
Wearable diamond from Sierra Leone

Muntu Warriors and Finor X have been teaming together for this beautiful project, mixing the fashion universe and the fiction world, to share African values like never before. So if you want to take action and get access to the Sincerly Africa Collection, click on the button below and join the movement.

And remember: Let us share our stories.