African culture is extremely vast.

I might sound like I know a lot, but the truth of the matter is that it's the complete opposite.

It strikes me everytime I learn a new thing, to discover how little I know about Africa.

Most of what I know about Africa comes from the Internet, from the lessons my parents taught me, or from my life experience.

But if you're looking for an in-depth look at Black and African history, I'm going to share with you six sources of information that I'm using to create Muntu Warriors.

1- History of Africa with Zeinab Badawi

To create Muntu Warriors I watch a lot of documentaries. There are enough to make a list by themselves. But THESE ONES RIGHT THERE!! Probably the best serie of documentaries about Africa EVER!

"History of Africa" are a serie of documentaries you can find in the BBC News Africa Channel on Youtube They are narrated by the lovely Zeinab Badawi, a Sudanese-British television and radio journalist.

It is based on a unique project oversceen by UNESCO, called "The General History of Africa". This project is African history written, interpreted and told by african themselves.

They cover everything: Nubian Kingdoms, Ancient Empires, Arabic and Christian Kingdoms, Ancient tribes, the roots of Africa...

You should definitely check them out!!

2- Hometeam History

HomeTeam History is a multi-media platform that incorporates African history, culture and worldview into popular culture. They offer full courses and other creative content.

Their mission is to help african diaspora remember their ancestors through reasonable dialogue and reclaiming the world from an African perspective. They discuss African history, culture and worldview and what it all really means today.

3- L'Association l'Acics

L'Association l'Acics's mission is to highlight personalities of the African Diaspora who have had a great impact in history. Their information covers black pharaohs, generals, soldiers, entrepreneurs, and scientists from every part of the world.

4- See U in History

See U in History is a YouTube channel that generally covers Greek and Roman mythology. But they also have super interesting videos on Egyptian and African mythology. Their videos are very nice to watch, and you learn a lot inside.

5- Grandeur Noire:

Grandeurnoire's initiatives (site, instagram page, youtube channel, books, conferences) aim to highlight the excellence, genius, strength, prowess, triumphs and beauty of African peoples and their diaspora. Grandeurnoire thus works to rehabilitate characters, prodigies and luminous facts plunged into oblivion. Grandeurnoire also strives to demonstrate that whatever the places, times and forms of oppression, African and Afro-descendant peoples have always done everything possible to recover their freedom.

The concept was created by Safia Enjoylife, a Guyanese woman passionate about the history of Africa and its diaspora. Through her research, travels and conferences she has attended, her interest in the subject has evolved into an in-depth investigation. Her academic dissertation was devoted to the resistance to slavery.

6- Works of fiction:

Here it is about all that I can get my hands on in terms of African fiction. The works that have impressed me the most are those of Black Sands Entertainment, YouNeek Studios, Black Panther by Marvel, instagram pages like the one by Nubiamancy, Nollywood movies and the 1986 Shaka Zulu series.

Hope you enjoyed it. Now if you want to support Muntu Warriors, I invite you to get your comic book on Amazon. Or join the Patreon to get premium and exclusive content before everyone else.

And remember: One action is better than a thousand words.