The quest of treasure my friend...

Going out in the wild, explore unknown fields, hear about legends and seek them, no matter what the danger is , because you know the reward will be worth it..

Do you have this thirst of adventure? If yes, you're not the only one.

And do you know that Africa is a continent of great treasures?

Well today I'm going to show you 4 things that can be considered as priceless treasures in Africa, worthy of being seeked by adventurers.

1-The Benin Bronzes

The Benin Bronzes, which are actually made of brass, are a collection of delicately made sculptures and plaques that adorned the royal palace of the Oba, Ovonramwen Nogbaisi, in the Kingdom of Benin, which was incorporated into British-ruled Nigeria. They were carved out of ivory, brass, ceramic and wood. Many of the pieces were cast for the ancestral altars of past kings and queen mothers.

In 1897, the British launched a punitive expedition against Benin, in response to an attack on a British diplomatic expedition. Apart from bronze sculptures and plaques, innumerable royal objects were taken as a result of the mission and are scattered all over the world.

2- Amanishakheto's Jewelry

Amanishakheto was a Kandake of Kush. She seems to have reigned from 10 BC to 1 AD, although most dates of Kushite history before the Middle Ages are very uncertain. Her famous collection of jewelry was found in her pyramid in 1834 by Italian treasure hunter Giuseppe Ferlini, who destroyed the pyramid in search of its burial goods. These pieces are now in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin and in the Egyptian Museum of Munich.

3- The Golden Stool of Asante

The Golden Stool is the royal and divine throne of kings of the Ashanti people and the ultimate symbol of power in Asante. According to legend, Okomfo Anokye, High Priest and one of the two chief founders of the Asante Confederacy, caused the stool to descend from the sky and land on the lap of the first Asante king, Osei Tutu. Such seats were traditionally symbolic of a chieftain's leadership, but the Golden Stool is believed to house the spirit of the Asante nation living, dead and yet to be dead.

4- The Gemstone Mines

I was hesitant to put this treasure on this topic, because it is in part responsible of african wars and suffering, but it is what it is: In all parts of Africa they are mines of gemstone like gold, diamond, silver, cobalt, or coltan. Is this thanks to these mines that Mansa Musa became the richest man in History, than Egyptian Kingdoms had a Golden Age, and that so much travellers and outsiders came to Africa for profit. Even today in 2021, a gold field has been discovered in an African village now unknown of the world.

5- Archives of Ancient Africa

I am putting this one on the list for one simple reason: In many African tribes, the knowledge and stories are transmitted by oral histories and the scant accounts from European traders. They did not keep written records of their histories. And if they do, a lot of the content has been destroyed, burned or looted due to wars and pillars. And because of that, every pieces, artefacts, and objects that are a testimonial of ancient african civilizations is considered by itself a treasure.

And there you have it: 5 treasures of Africa. But what if I tell you that there are also great treasures in the universe of Muntu Warriors?

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And remember: Africa is a treasure by itself.